a man at the bar – III

Three or more songs pass by, when he senses her looking at him. He turns to the floor but she had already run away from the guys she was dancing with. She doesn’t want them anyway, he knows it.  He finds her standing outside on the garden, slowly smoking a cigarette with her sexy lips. Because she doesn’t look away, he takes his glass and walks his slow badass walk directly to her. She inhales deeply and insolently puffs the white smoke into his face. He struggles not to blink despite the smoke; he tries to stare at her eyes without showing that she moves him.  He knows darn well, that she likes to be treated like the last piece of garbage on the street. She likes men, who act like she annoys them.  He learned to pretend he hates her.

So he looked at her with a numb stare. She puts on an arrogant smile and says shamelessly: ” i missed you.” That destroys his mask, a smile unintentionally creeps onto his face. He just stretches out his hand and pulls her closer by her belt.  He whispers: “Aren’t you a naughty little bitch today?” and pushes her against the wall.

Her seductive smell melts the ice in him, he kisses the soft skin on her long fragile neck. He hears her words, replying him, but he is too drugged out from her body to pay attention to what she is saying. He presses his body against hers and feels the tension building up in her. She breathes in deeply and pushes her nails into the skin on his back. She bites her lip shaking her head in disbelief. He reaches to kiss those sweet lips of hers, when she pushes him away with brutal force.  He knows she meant it, he can read it in her face – stay away, it says.

He almost whispers softly: “the fuck!?” A deep sorrow is felt in his voice. She turns and decisively walks directly to the bar and orders two glasses of whiskey. He follows her slowly, you can see by his walk that he is crushed in his core. They look mutely at each other. He notices her eyes, they are dark green and sad.  He wishes he could hold her, he could comfort her, but he can feel the invisible wall she built around herself.

The silence is becoming unbearable, she drinks up with one swallow and says: “You know i… well, you know that i… fuck.” She pauses, takes a deep breath and says: “i can’t.” She gets up and in quick steps runs out of the bar. Hate. He hates her with all his force and anger.

He shakes the glass and the ice cubes clank silently. “Why? Why the hell did i wait for her?!” That is a stupid question. He knows why he waited. The hate for her is nothing compared to love he feels inside. He waited for one look from her eyes, for one smile from her mouth, for one touch of her skin, for one second of watching her walk, for one breath of her hair and for five small words meant just for him. It was worth waiting. He drinks up too and gestures the waiter for another one.

As he shakes his glass, he might seem absent in his mind flow. This time, he is. He’s diving into the moments of her stuck in his head. A small tear flows down his cheek; he wipes it off and makes a sip.

But, why do you care? After all, he’s just a man at the bar…

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10 odgovorov na “a man at the bar – III”

  1. hXc  pravi:

    Morda bo neumno vprašanje… Si ti napisala to črtico ?

  2. Nika Nika  pravi:

    aham. Zakaj? :)

  3. hXc  pravi:

    Ma kar prevzela me je k sem začel brat (kar je pr men dosežek- short attention span, ne nepismenost :D )
    In pa zelo lepo si napisala, prov nisem mogu verjet, zato sm uprašu :) Res odlično!

  4. Nika Nika  pravi:

    Ja hvala no :) drugač je vse kar je na tem blogu izključno moje delo oz. moja domišljija. se potrudim da je vsaj tisto kar napišem (čeprov zadnje čase pišem res premalo) dokaj kvalitetno ( se najde kej nekvalitetnga tut, ne me na to lovit) :)

  5. hXc  pravi:

    no od zdej bom bolj pozoren na literane prispevke, maš talent, res. Poleg tega še v tujem jeziku pišeš, kar ni najlažje, mislim da nisem zasledil niti ene slovnične napake. :) 5+ definitivno :D

  6. Nika Nika  pravi:

    v angleščini se trudim čim manj pisat, ker ni velik privržencev temu… kao: če si slovenka mej slovenski blog :) ampak včasih pride angleška zgodba sama iz mene, kaj pa pol morem? sam zapišem jo :)

  7. hXc  pravi:

    To je čist tvoja odločitev seveda, jaz mislim da je uredu da tud v tujem, lahko še kdo k ne govori našga jezika se naveže na zgodbo :)

  8. Nika  pravi:

    Ma ja. Sej maš prov :) no, ko iz mene kej angleškega spet ven bruhne, se ne bom trudla prevajat v slovenščino, a vela?

  9. hXc  pravi:

    Vela :)

  10. Gabriel  pravi:

    Nice writing there, very solid. I enjoyed it pretty much, few people have the capability of being real good at watching and describing behaviors/feelings like you did, of course meaning in such a sober way building something interesting. Kudos :)


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