a man at the bar – II

Every single fiber in his being started shaking as he saw her silhouette walking into the bar. She was wearing that bohemian long black skirt and a long plait over her shoulder. He knew instantly that this was what he was waiting for all night.

She walks slowly towards him; he can’t miss a single dreamy move she makes. Then, she looks directly into his eyes and smiles at him. He feels the sensation of being totally lost but yet fulfilled, satisfied and somewhat happy. Lost in that feeling, he notices, she will walk right past him… And she does. He turns his head and follows her, with his eyes only. He sees her going straight to her friends. He turns away, a little insulted, and drinks up.

He makes a small motion with his finger to the waiter and gets another drink. Again, he studies the content of the glass. He tries to convince himself that he has no reason to turn around, he doesn’t have to look at her, he mustn’t seem desperate to her… He takes a yellow straw and pokes the ice cubes in the whiskey, trying to think blank.

Suddenly he feels a touch on his back; it sends shivers down his spine. He straightens up, spots her, seeking for a cozy pose at the counter, with the corner of his eye. He says nothing; he just lifts his eyebrows a little in expectation of a conversation.

“What’s up?” she says. “Nothing much. As always,” he murmurs lowering his head, as he is trying to hide. He can’t look at her, he feels like she is drilling into him, directly into his soul, into his deepest secrets… Nevertheless, he can still see her nodding her head a little. Then they just stand there, while silence grows and fills up the space between then. She reaches for his glass and drinks half of his whiskey, then puts it back. All he can think about is how bitter sweet her lips must be now. He wakes him up with words “Dead end, again. We certainly are full of them.” She smiles, turns, and slowly walks away, straight to the dance floor.

“Stupid stupid stupid…” he thinks to himself. “Why didn’t you say something, you idiot?” He can’t go after her. He’s too proud for something like that. So he is to wait again… And lord knows it’s hard to wait.

He watches her sleek, beautiful body dancing in the rhythm. He loves the curves of her back as she moves. She looks so wild and sensual, but yet … she is approachable and not threatening. That is probably why other guys dance around her like she is their only desire. He hates to see that. It awakens the killer in him. So he turns away and dedicates his thoughts back to the drink in his hands.

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6 odgovorov na “a man at the bar – II”

  1. Snowblind  pravi:

    Fight Club je tok čudn film … totaln wtf. Sm ga prvič gledu.

  2. Nika Nika  pravi:

    hah. super film je. tho vem da nimamo vsi istga okusa.

    btw… veš da fight club nima nobene najmanjše veze z objavo? :)

  3. Snowblind  pravi:

    Ne! Šit! Uzamem nazaj! Totalno dobr zaplet je :mrgreen: … hudo!
    Vem ja, ampak k že prejšnja ni mela komentarja … :smile:

  4. Nika Nika  pravi:

    si dojel? čist zares dojel? :) zdej pa pejt pa ga poglej še enkrat. pozoren bod na malenkosti… recimo na durdnove flashe na začetku filma, pred letalom… ipd :) to je tisto kar ga dela še posebej hudga. film to je. ne govorim o nortonu, ne. splooooh ne. :twisted:

    fuck, miljonkrat sm ga že gledala pa vedno nekej novga. :)
    pomoje ga bom dons zvečer spet pogledala, zbudu si mi skomine :)

  5. magrateja  pravi:

    ko je že SB začel smetit, bom pa še jst :mrgreen:
    malo matematičnega humorja:

  6. Nika Nika  pravi:

    hahaha :) kok sm se narežala. tist “wtf?” in “never again!!” sta neprecenljiva. :lol:


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