a man at the bar – I

There he is. The same like every single day. He stands at the bar looking like some film gangster. It’s not the dress that makes him this way, it is the pose. He’s leaning per counter so proudly, like he owns the place. And his attitude makes u know he is special. He looks exactly like he’s the most important man in the bar, and all the others are just nobodies he has to deal with all the effing time.

Yes. There he is. Like every single day. He stands there, with a glass of whiskey in his big hand. He always turns it and shakes it around, so the three ice cubes are clanking silently. He might seem absent in his mind flow, but the truth is, he is only waiting.

Right in the middle of the sounds of indie rock, on which he is trying to concentrate, he finds a thought. He ignores it at first, then he lets it out. He murmurs in his beard: “Why do i even wait?!” He lowers his eyes first, and then his head. He looks at the ice cubes melting. That means the whiskey will thin out any moment now… He sighs deeply and looks around himself briefly. The looking has no bigger purpose, because he knows damn well, he won’t find what he’s looking for. It still disappoints him a little, so he sighs again. He waits some more.

He hates to be left alone like this. With a glass of some strong drink and the simple thoughts that are killing him. It wasn’t always like this. There were better times. Or at least he thinks so. That was so far back in the past, if became foggy and sometimes, he isn’t quite certain if it had really happened, or was it all just a dream he made up to make his life easier.

A man bumps into him. That interrupts his mind flow and awakens him. He straightens up and turns to the man slowly, with a killer look in his eyes. Dangerous as hell… Until he realizes that the man is drunk as can be. “Just another idiot,” he thinks while turning back to the counter. He shakes his head in disapproval and prepares to drink up.

Then suddenly the air changes… or so he feels. He lifts his head and sees how the door opens. His breathing pauses.

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